Best antivirus 2021


Best antivirus 2021

Best antivirus

If you are concerned about computer protection, our 2021 antivirus ranking will help you decide on the right software. The top antivirus includes both paid and free programs.

What about antivirus?

The issue of protecting your home computer from malware remains relevant year after year. A good antivirus will not only help prevent infection of the computer, will keep all the data and files on it intact and safe, but will also provide the sturdy operation of the PC as a whole.

The damage caused by malware in the world is estimated at an average of $ 1.5 trillion a year. To avoid joining the ranks of virus victims, an antivirus program should be installed on your computer. The best antiviruses in a timely and effective manner:

  • recognize computer viruses
  • recover infected files
  • prevent malware infection

In addition to these key tasks, users expect an antivirus to be easy to use, automated management, and, of course, affordable. If you do not know which antivirus to choose, our antivirus rating will help you decide. It is based on the results of some international AV tests, as well as on my own experience.

Best antivirus 2021

Enterprise users can afford to purchase expensive antiviruses. But free versions of popular antiviruses are enough to protect your home computers – they do a great job.

So, there are the best antivirus options for 2021:

  • Malwarebytes Free for Windows

The program with an intuitive interface in Russian and high-quality protection. Helps fight malware that installs on your computer or laptop. Sometimes it can be hidden. Saves from advertising that is displayed in the browser and is not removed even from the hundredth attempt. The free version differs from the premium in functionality. Only a thorough search and removal of malware that has already entered the PC is possible. Detection rates are close to ideal, which is noteworthy. Automatic threat checking and analysis are updated once a day.

  • Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Free antivirus for Android and iOS with the latest developments from Kaspersky Lab. The main difference from previous versions is cloud control and remote control. Protects in real-time and provides full support for Windows 10. When updating the OS, there will be no problems with the antivirus. The interface is easy to use; it is possible to run a scan from the main page after installing the program. Web control has improved – you have the control of connected devices from your account.

  • AVG AntiVirus Free

It is a popular antivirus, free for home use. Manufacturer-guaranteed fast virus database updates, ease of use, low system requirements – the main advantages of this antivirus. The software differs from the paid version by the lack of several non-critical features and direct technical support. It includes computer scanning tools, a real-time monitor, an e-mail scanner, an automatic anti-virus database update system, and other useful components. The installation process is not complicated, but demanding on the resources of the device.

  • Avast Free Antivirus

The tool is a popular free antivirus specifically designed for widespread use on home computers. Users who install Avast Free Antivirus receive full real-time protection against viruses and spyware, as well as a number of other useful tools to keep their computers safe.

Avast Free Antivirus screens, running in real-time, constantly monitor changes in the file system, traffic, e-mail, network, P2P, Internet chats, etc. The user-friendly interface of this antivirus provides quick access to its settings.