Virtual Data Room Software for Fundraising


Virtual Data Room Software for Fundraising

Receive updates and data on the pitch decks you’re distributing. You’ll never have to ask investors if they’ve seen your deck, and you’ll be able to tell if they’re interested based on how much time they spend looking at it.

With a simplified approach, you can handle any data sharing difficulty

The Prism Virtual Data Room is a straightforward and secure data room that makes document and data exchange a breeze. Prism provides a high level of performance and security to all customers, with technologies designed to meet the demands of sophisticated private equity and venture capital businesses.

Prism makes it easier to securely transmit sensitive information, handle due diligence procedures, create deal rooms for M&A transactions, raise financing, report to investors, and manage board communications, among other things.

The most popular data room for private equity and venture capital firms.

Prism is designed specifically for the demands of private markets and is completely linked with iLEVEL, our premier private investment portfolio monitoring software, enabling simple user provisioning and data access. For any fundraising or fund reporting needs, Prism provides a faster, more efficient approach to securely exchange sensitive information with investors, limited partners, or other critical stakeholders, all available from a single platform.


Prism can help you get your next fundraising campaign off to a fast start. Real-time activity tracking allows you to prioritize, connect, and share essential data.

Due diligence on a co-investment

When doing due diligence with Prism’s secure, centralized platform, collaborate with your co-investors while limiting risk and simplifying the process.

Monitoring of the companies in your portfolio

With easy-to-use information sharing and board portal capability, you can improve your connection with portfolio firms.

A trail of audits

With user permissions tools and activity tracking, you can create a thorough compliance audit trail and protect the security of your data.

Our VDR platform is simple to set up and use, and it uses AI and machine learning to help you close deals faster. VDRs are constantly adjusted for security, efficiency, and usability, and they’re backed up by our regional specialists. Make the data room supplier a member of the transaction team.

Fortune 1000 corporations, Silicon Valley startups, PE firms, investment banks, and government agencies throughout the world rely on our one-stop-shop data room platform to speed up the deal-making process.

Obtain cost transparency and control. Our virtual deal room enables you to swiftly self-launch one or more deals, do bulk uploads, and obtain clear pricing with an instant file-level page count and more. Discover the advantages of virtual data room innovation.

It is cost-effective.

Based on our quick file-level page count, we’re completely clear regarding prices. VDR adds value to your business throughout the course of its full lifespan, not just during a single transaction.

It lowers the chances of something bad happening.

Within a virtual data room for financial services established with the greatest levels of security, assess risk, use auto-redaction, and schedule audit reports.

Secure, routinely burned-in redaction is used to protect PII.

Information Rights Management and Dynamic Watermarking are both available.

Protecting your assets from internal and external risks is critical while making a deal. With the number of threats on the rise every day, protecting your data necessitates a mix of advanced preventive and response technologies. Here’s all you need to know about virtual data rooms and how they are the key to your business success.